Front Walkway Clear


    • 10 $
    • 10 $
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This includes:

  • Front sidewalk
  • Stairs to house (if applicable)
  • Front porch

We will clear the snow within 12 hours of snowfall.  We clear snow when there is 3 inches or more.  Snow cleaning is for anywhere in Milwaukee County.


If the streets are not plowed by the city, A.Butler snow removal team will NOT get out and do snow removal.
A.Butler snow removal teams does NOT clear snow before 8am or after 8pm.
If A.Butler snow removal team clears your snow (at the agreed upon normal rate) and within 24 hours more snow falls, the team will come back out for a flat rate of 10.00. No matter your initial rate, a 2nd clearing within 24hrs is only 10.00.
If your snow is packed down and has become ice-like A.Butler snow removal team will NOT be responsible for removing all of the packed down snow/ice.


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