Students have suffered from a learning loss and a decrease in social-emotional development. Teachers in classrooms all over America are left to rebuild from a great deficit left by the pandemic.


cultivate social-emotional growth and enhance the healthy relationship-building skills of staff and students who participate in his workshops.

With more than 10 years of experience as an international expert in childhood social-emotional and academic development, Butler can guide teachers and students into a place of consistent positive impact socially and academically.

Spoken Word

Ajamou Butler has a one-of-a-kind form of poetic ministry that electrifies and inspires the souls in any room he’s performing in. 


Ajamou Butler provides an international perspective on developing the minds and hearts of youth, particularly that of black boys & boys of color. Butler aims to elevate, entertain, and educate his audiences.


Whether it’s a corporate Staff development training, his spoken word curriculum for high schoolers or a creative writing workshop series for middle/elementary school aged children, Butler is sure to bring impactful and interactive workshops to your community space!


It takes charisma, organization, confidence, and mental agility to host events that leave their mark. Book Ajamou Butler for all of your event hosting needs.

Let's focus on Impact AND inspiration. All too often in the field of education, we focus on one or the other, not both!


  • You spoke to me and the rest of my City Year team earlier today and I’d just like to once again thank you for your truly inspiring words. I thought that the most impactful thing that you said to us was during the break, when you chose our inspirational word to be “heartbeat”. I’ll be working in Hopkins Lloyd Community School, placed in the middle of 53206. I’ll be sure to take your messages to heart when working with these students, and remember to pass along the important values that you have learned through your time living in the Milwaukee area.

    Abe Fleischman
    City Year Milwaukee 2016
  • I met Ajamou at a state-wide leadership conference several years ago (2018). In a panel discussion of notable leaders, Mr. Butler stood shoulders above the rest. Not because he was the most credentialed or had more than the others to say, but because he used his platform to talk about the programs and people to whom he had been assigned instead of centering himself. That’s what exceptional leaders do. Exceptional leaders do not measure their success by
    trophies or accolades. They measure their success by the number of leaders for whom they can serve, support, and mentor in real-time. That’s the kind of servant leader Mr. Butler has proven himself to be in my life and the lives of countless others.

    Tracey Robertson
    Fit Oshkosh
  • In the time I’ve known you, you’ve shown me a lot. Not only did you help me to realize my true potential, but also tap into that potential and grow as a man. You’ve shown me that I am not limited to the hood.
    Seeing you work and constantly grow, knowing you grew up in the hood as well, shows me that my circumstances and surroundings do not define me as a man nor as a person. My circumstances and surroundings do not determine my future and they do not pick the path I choose to walk. I am now more determined than ever to make it out the hood, only to return and help #HealTheHood.

    Vieontre Petty
    Mentee From 2016 to Current

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