Ajamou Butler

About Me

For the last 11 years I have dedicated my life to servant leadership. Through serving God and developing my Non-Profit organization, Heal the Hood MKE, I have learned to deeply love the work that my team and I are committed to.

My Goals

Impact Communities

Help you build a stronger positive impact in the communities you serve!

Educate The Educators

Use my experience as a statewide non-profit leader and as an international traveler to help “Educate The Educators” throughout urban areas throughout the world.

Social-emotional Growth

Play a role in helping to build the social-emotional growth capacity amongst children of color and children born into underserved communities.

I was Born at St. Joe’s Hospital on 51st and Burleigh, on August 26th, 1991. My mother, Clara, is the epitome of the Moon! She’s gentle yet can control everything beneath her feet. She is humble but powerful. She is wise and a warrior at heart, she is my mama! My father, Earl, is the definition of the Sun! He is firey and bold! He is sharp and consistent! He is loud and proud! He gives life and if you’re not careful, he can take life too (figuratively speaking of course lol)! He is my Daddy!
I grew up in the treacherous 53206 zip code, right off of 20th and Locust with my daddy and siblings. I lived in several parts of Milwaukee, living with my mama from 44th and Center and 1st & Chambers to 60th & Hampton, as well. Although poverty was right outside our front door no matter where I lived with my parents, my mama and daddy made sure we were raised on love, laughter, education, culture, arts and knowledge of self. I am nothing without my parents and the way they raised me. In September of 2014, at St Joe’s Hospital, my son was born. Watching him come into this world sparked a fire in my belly that I am learning to let burn bright. My son gives me hope, my son makes me remember why I do what I do, my son is a gentle giant with a heart of gold. Fatherhood is not easy, but it’s rewarding. My son carries my last name and I pray I make him proud to carry his father’s name! If no-one else, I have to give thanks to God for my mama, my daddy and my son!
If you are here on my website, maybe it’s because you have heard of my name and want to learn more. Maybe you’ve heard of Heal the Hood MKE and our annual block parties, or maybe you have seen my work up close and personal during one of my staff PD workshops or heard me at a poetry set. Either way, if you are here as a means to support, to uplift the work and to appreciate the work I am dedicating my life to, thank you for being here! “La Familia Para Siempre!” (Meaning “The Family Forever”)