I Don’t Know What To Call This Book: A Poetry Collection

Back in the early spring of 2013, I stepped on my first stage and performed a poem. I didn’t know I was putting a drug in my arm that I would never want to put down. Poetry saved my life and prayerfully there is a word amongst these pages that saves somebody else’s life. My spoken word career has gone through many different phases. No matter my level of writing content, it is all based in the humble beginnings of fighting depression….using words to express my journey. My good friend at the time, Dominic Carter, (may God Rest his soul…Long Live The TRAP…take risks and prosper…) took me to my first poetry unplugged set because he saw that I was in a dark place and he wanted me to get out of the house to have a good time. That sent me on course to do spoken word all around the world. That humble beginning put me in position to win 8 (or 9 lol, I can’t remember) spoken word competitions. That tiny Mustard Seed beginning set me on course to grow as an educator and lecturer and I am forever thankful for touching that microphone on that 1st faithful night. 
I Don't Know What To Call This Book: A Poetry Collection
As clear as you are reading this book in your hands, I can clearly remember the night God spoke to me and told me to elevate my spoken word. One night at the PU Poetry set, I did a very sexually natured poem. I could watch women physically reacting and squirming as I was performing. That night when I got home, God spoke to me and told me that I was not gifted with words to play like I did on that night. God told me when I open my mouth on stages I should glorify HIM. The holy spirit told me that I can make people physically react with this healing motivation way colder and way better than that sexy talk! So, I was immediately obedient. In retrospect, I can say 100% that my spoken word path took off tremendously when I started writing poetry that spoke to social justice issues, poetry that spoke to the broken-hearted and poetry that was meant to uplift and heal. The title and cover image of this book are very specific. All too often we get caught up in appearance and labels which makes us miss the impact we are meant to gain. By stripping the book of a title and a more defined cover image, I’m able to allow readers to dive into the raw material without a preconceived notion of the content. 
To read is to learn once yet to write is to learn twice. I feel it’s important to take time to reflect on our life journey. My prayer is that you read something thought-provoking amongst these pages that gives you the spark of wholesome self reflection. As those inspiring thoughts develop, take some time and put your pen/pencil to the pages of this book. You may not be a poet but that does not mean you are not a writer. Everybody has a story to tell and prayerfully as you run through the pages of this book, you learn more of my story/my journey. Hopefully something in this book Sparks you to tell your story and Conquer your demons. Lastly, there is a quote I distinctly remember from world-renowned motivational speaker Les brown. He said, “when you get done speaking people will stand and applaud. When I get done speaking, people will stand and march.” I pray that you find inspiration and information that pushes you to get active and Elevate the game to make your world a better place! Amen, Asé, Ameen, Yebo.

Children’s Books

Why this book? 

Destine To Be Me is a children’s book that combines poetry, confidence building, and relatable content for Black children everywhere. Your child is sure to see images that represent themselves in each page of this book. Each poem was written with the intent to connect with the realities of Black boys/girls and give them an opportunity to tap into the World of poetry and spoken word as well as learn new vocabulary. Reading this book with your child creates a bonding opportunity and gives them an outlet to express their thoughts, ask questions, and ponder about their bright future. Your child will have fun and build skills sets as they memorize the poems and practice reciting them with pride in front of others. Your child will want to pull this book off the shelves again and again and the messages will remain relevant for many years to come. 

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