Bulter’s Books

Why this book? 

Destine To Be Me is a children’s book that combines poetry, confidence building, and relatable content for Black children everywhere. Your child is sure to see images that represent themselves in each page of this book. Each poem was written with the intent to connect with the realities of Black boys/girls and give them an opportunity to tap into the World of poetry and spoken word as well as learn new vocabulary. Reading this book with your child creates a bonding opportunity and gives them an outlet to express their thoughts, ask questions, and ponder about their bright future. Your child will have fun and build skills sets as they memorize the poems and practice reciting them with pride in front of others. Your child will want to pull this book off the shelves again and again and the messages will remain relevant for many years to come. 

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Malcolm Loves Math is more than a book, it is more like several smaller workbooks in one. It teaches and reinforces the Wisconsin statewide standard mathematical principles, literacy building activities, African  History and creativity in the form of  self expression. This book is a must have for students between third and fifth grade and has the potential to teach, inspire and challenge them as they grow.  Malcolm Loves Math is the story of a young black boy who uses math in his everyday life.

Eisha Loves English is a workbook designed for young children between the third and fifth grade. This book will help your child grow cognitively and creatively as they go through each page. It teaches and reinforces the Wisconsin statewide standard English principles with literacy building activities, word problems and creativity in the form of  self expression. Eisha is a young girl who grows to love words by learning about people like Alice Walker, by using both sides of her brain to solve problems and by challenging herself to become more familiar with words.