Books by Butler

In the beginning was the word, and the word was God!


Destined To Be Me: Destined To Be Me is a book series that is all about poetry and positive self affirmations. Designed for readers in grades K through 5th, these books are sure to boost your child’s love for literacy and their love for themselves. 
Malcolm Loves Math: Malcolm Loves Math is a workbook made for children in grades 3rd through 5th. This workbook was designed to help children who are struggling with numbers and it can be used as a tool by parents all around the globe to help bridge ‘Math Gaps’. Join Malcolm on his Math Mission as he offers word math problems, a history lesson about math, coloring pages, math activities and more. 
Eisha Loves English: Eisha Loves English is a workbook made for children in grades 3rd through 5th. This workbook was designed to increase our little readers’ knowledge of words, sentence structures, nouns, verbs and more. Join “Eisha” as she takes your scholar/child on a journey of loving letters and growing their vocabulary. 
From the Block To Belize: 21 days of prayer, reflections and affirmations for men of color: From the Block To Belize is a book of my daily experiences during my time in the beautiful country of Belize. I think it’s important to share my journey around the world with men of color to inspire them to reach outside of our block, outside of our job, outside of our day to day lives and explore the world! I want to spark men of color to understand what it means to be a global citizen. 
I Don’t Know What To Call This Book: A Collection Of Poetry: As a 8 time poetry slam competition winner and as a man who has used Spoken Word to take him around the globe, it’s only right for me to contribute to the poetry/spoken word culture by putting my poetry in a book. I Don’t Know What To Call This Book is a collection of old and new poems, poems that I wrote at home in Milwaukee and poems I wrote while I was in Durban, South Africa.